Attorneys practicing in this area:


        Keith L. Foster               Marc J. Strauss            Jessica A. Harrill

Our firm offers a full range of assistance and service to help people protect their investment in their business. Toward that end, we can assist with the choice and formation of legal entities, and we provide all manner of support for those entities (including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other forms of business ownership). Perhaps even more beneficial, we are skilled at helping draft and deploy effective agreements which can prevent future disputes down the road. Our lawyers are experienced in negotiating, preparing, and analyzing the documents that business owners need to protect their interests.

    • Corporations

    • Limited Liability Companies

    • Limited Partnerships

    • Limited Liability Partnerships

    • General Partnerships

    • Sole Proprietorships 

    • Annual Maintenance of Entities

    • Special Meetings

    • Safeguarding of "Corporate" documents


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