October, 2018

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance: What it is and Why You Need It
risk_meter.jpgWe live in a litigious society. Everywhere we go someone is suing someone for something. This is especially true in employment scenarios. This is a typical situation: Billy has a bad day at work. He's mad at his supervisor for making him work overtime. Billy posts on his social media page the details of the situation from his perspective. Billy then gets ten of his closest friends commenting on the post. The posts all say the same thing, in essence, "That's illegal!" "They can't do that!" "You should sue them." And so, it begins.  Continue Reading 
Marital/Family (AB) Trusts & Why You Probably Don't Need Them Anymore
Prior to the major Estate and Gift changes which are now in effect, married couples were regularly advised that the best way to protect their assets from being taxed at their death was to create Marital and Family Trusts (often known as AB Trusts) in their estate plans - whether   
will-based plans or trust-based plans.  Continue Reading
New Tax Law Affecting Maintenance Payments Effective 2019
money_sack.jpg Tax law is changing for maintenance payments that are ordered for divorces finalized after December 31, 2018.  How will this affect you?  For more information contact our office and schedule an appointment to speak with one of our family law attorneys at (815) 758-6616.

Dinner at The Kitchen Table
Dinner at The Kitchen Table
This past Friday some of us went to experience dinner at The Kitchen Table in Rochelle.  For the last two years The Kitchen Table has been operating as a pay-what-you-can restaurant serving Rochelle and the surrounding area.  The community cafe provides meals for those who can't pay and for those that can pay-it-forward to others. We were welcomed by friendly volunteers in a cozy environment with great food.  To learn more about this fantastic organization and to view the October menu visit their website.
Community Events
Ellwood House Museum: Holiday Traditions, November 15th - December 2nd.  For more information visit their website.

Family Service Agency: Senior Pie Auction, November 20th. For more information visit their website.
Conference Left
Fred D. Foster Conference Left
Foster Buick Conference Left
Is your group looking for a meeting space?  The Fred D. Foster Conference Left is free to use by Not-For-Profit organizations for public benefit.

The room is open for use during and outside of business hours.  To schedule a meeting time for your group or for more information call (815) 758-6616 or email szekoff@fosterbuick.com
Fred D. Foster Conference Left

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